Details about the project

  • 1 Tower

  • 350 Unit

Waterina Suites apartment District 2 in the middle of the bustling center of Ho Chi Minh City with interlocking buildings, Waterina Suites stands out the most with its soft and delicate curved architecture, designed based on inspiration from the waves lapping the shores of the Japanese architect “Kango Kuma”. As one of the professors of architecture at the University of Tokyo, who designed the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium and many other world-class buildings.


 Where is Waterina Suites located?

Waterina Suites located at Ta Hien Street, Thanh My Loi Ward, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, is Meade Jimusho’s first project of luxury apartments in Vietnam in collaboration with investor Thien Duc.

Located in the heart of the administrative center of District 2, easy to connect to utilities around key areas such as: 10 minutes to Big C supermarket; 15 minutes to the center of District 1, District 4, District 7,…

Adjacent to major traffic axes such as the Ho Chi Minh City – Long Thanh – Dau Giay highway, Mai Chi Tho Avenue, Thu Thiem tunnel, etc. into major city centers as well as neighboring provinces.

Neighbors with Waterina Suites are One Veradah, Diamond Island, Feliz En Vista Verda, Saigon Mystery Villas, … creating a civilized community, modern lifestyle, rich in knowledge in all aspects and a meeting place. gather successful celebrities.


In addition, from Waterina Suites is also the main intersection, so it is easy to move to key centers in a very low time such as:

+ 10 minutes to District 7 via Dong Van Cong street => Phu My bridge.

+ 4 minutes to Thu Thiem new urban area.

+ 8 minutes to Binh Thanh district via Mai Chi Tho street.

+ 5 minutes to District 1 via Mai Chi Tho street, Thu Thiem tunnel.

+ 3 km to Metro station.

Waterina Suites, District 2, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City, 5 star facilities

Waterina Suites Ho Chi Minh City offers modern amenities for residents:

— The need for food and entertainment is indispensable in today’s life, but not everyone can travel long distances to a certain place to eat. It’s great that a variety of restaurants, coffee, and dining options are available at Waterina Suites.

Waterina owns a favorable location, close to international inter-level schools, in order to provide households with the most favorable conditions for education, making it easy to transport and supervise children.

— Health care services are also the top concern of residents, so investors choose the location that is easiest to move to the largest hospitals and most prestigious clinics ever, helping people feel secure and comfortable. convenient in medical examination and treatment or monitoring the health status of yourself and your family.

Almost everything you need to serve yourself and your family comes from world famous brands, right? So those things are also integrated in the commercial center around the project.

— In addition, residents living here can also go to markets, supermarkets, business stores, wholesale prices, etc., without spending much time going to places to buy expensive goods, but only If you need to walk a short distance, you can buy anything you want such as vegetables, fresh food, essential items, etc.

The special thing is that almost anyone who comes to Waterina Suites is also safe and wants to own it right away, it is near the administrative center of District 2, the People’s Committee, the People’s Council at all levels, the police, … so the security system will stricter, ensuring a safe life for residents.

— Not to be forgotten is the 2nd floor utility area with


— Swimming pool: overflowing pool area with an area of ​​​​200 m², designed in Japanese style, super clean water is cleaned daily, surrounded by a system of aquatic plants to purify the air. They are also equipped with umbrellas and comfortable lounge chairs for residents at Waterina Suites.

— Gym: fully equipped with modern machines imported from the US, Australia, etc., also fitted with ultra-thin screens overhead and dedicated and attentive exercise instructors. The practice area has a great view of the river and the space is airy and spacious.

— Community living area, changing room, etc. are also of interest to investors No. 1, for individuals or groups to receive customers or have meetings, work exchanges, etc., without disturbing private life. Private, equipped, water, air-conditioner, table and chairs, … fully.

— The most special thing that only Waterina Suites has that no other building has is the open-air outdoor swimming pool located on the top floor (penhouse) of the project (25th floor). When relaxing here, you can see Phu My Bridge, Bitexco building, Vietnam’s tallest bamboo bundle, Landmark 81, etc.


— The green park right in the area is selected by the investor with the most beneficial plants for human health, an outdoor entertainment area for children, a truly spectacular outdoor BBQ party area.

All apartments here have a balcony to receive wind and natural light, from the apartment you can see the Saigon River and the bustling bustling city.

Waterina Suites is cared for by investors with delicate and soft winding lines that blend with green space like a natural air purifier that no other building has.



Unique design with only 25 floors with 98 apartments in which:

+ Only three penthouses on the top floor of the building, with an area of ​​approximately 600 m² each.

+ The rest are single apartments and double-storey apartments.

From the lobby, the elevator, the corridor, … are different from other buildings because it is the first time of a Japanese architect in Vietnam.

Elegant minimalist style design and not too many colors true to the quality of the Japanese people

There is also a safe room, with a steel partition to prevent fire and smoke from entering the room on each floor, and an emergency elevator in case of a fire, very safe for residents.

Each apartment at Waterina Suites has built-in wardrobes such as wardrobes, shoe cabinets, etc., saving space and economy for residents.

The building uses all concrete walls, not a single brick, which helps in bearing strength and is very good at soundproofing.

The kitchen is designed in a minimalist gray-brown color scheme but still has full utilities to serve everyone.

The living room always receives maximum light and the balcony is super airy, facing the Saigon River and seeing 1/2 of the city.

The special thing that everyone wants to own a Waterina Suites apartment is that all rooms in the apartment, not except the living room, have a balcony, unlike other buildings where only the living room has a balcony. stop.

Not only that, but the balcony is also delicately stroked with ripples that go through the rooms without going inside.

Finally, the balcony is a hole-shaped white partition that creates accents for customers to know the boundary between their apartment and the neighbor’s apartment.