Details about the project

Tphcm Quận 2 (Thành phố thủ Đức mới )
  • 12 Tower

  • >3.000 Unit

  • >75 Mil/m2

Empire city apartment for rent in Thuduc district 2 is available at Reasonable price Hochiminh 

Seriously, urban areas are the best option for foreigners who would like to settle in Ho Chi Minh city in the long-term. However, you can easily be fooled by paying for the rent more than you actually need. With B&C company’s help, the rent for an apartment in Empire City cannot be more reasonable.


1.The main inventor of Empire City luxurious apartments for rent and for sales in Ho Chi Minh City.

Empire City Thu Thiem is an first-rate apartment project in District 2, whose main investors are Keppel Land Vietnam, Tien Phuoc and Gaw Capital Partners that has drawn the generous amount of attention from business people around the world. 

With an area of 14.6 hectares in Thu Thiem New Urban Area, Empire City is located inside the new center of Ho Chi Minh City, on the main route of district 2 (Mai Phu Tho street). The project is planned to include 3,000 luxury apartments, offices, retail areas and an 86-storey complex tower.

With a view overlooking the Saigon River and the existing downtown area of Ho Chi Minh City, Thu Thiem New Urban Area is planned to develop into the largest economic, commercial and financial center in Ho Chi Minh City, bringing goods and services. Plus, a wide range of cultural, leisure and recreational activities.

Moreover, before Empire City, those main investors had already established other well-known urban projects such as Celesta Rise, Sunshine Village mix development project, Palm City… 


2. The beneficial location of Empire City apartments for lease in Thu Thiem, district 2 Hcmc

When you are in the search for a nice apartment to rent in Ho Chi Minh city, what will be your first standard for your dream home?

The answer is location. Why????

Firstly, Ho Chi Minh city is always crowded from 8 a.m to midnight so in order to control your time better, you need to rent a place that is as close as possible to the city center.

Moreover, due to air pollution, many foreigners require a living environment where trees can be spotted plentiful around the living space.

Can Empire City urban meet your requirements?

Yas – Yass – Yasssssssss!

This project is constructed on one of the main routes of district 2 _ Mai Phu Tho. 

In fact, the urban area is only a few minutes away from Thu Thiem tunnel, which connects district 2 to district 1.

The beneficial location of Empire City apartments for lease in Thu Thiem, district 2 is for employees who are working near or inside the city center, you will never need to be worried about the traffic condition.

Moreover, Empire City is close to other popular urban areas for foreigners such as SaLa, Metropole Thu Thiem, The River Thu Thiem… 

From Empire City project, we have estimated the average time to reach other common locations for you:

  • 5 minutes: To reach district 1 ‘s center ( Vincom, Bitexco, HCM city’s People Court…)
  • 10 minutes: To Ben Thanh market, the city zoo..
  • 15 minutes: To Thao Dien area 
  • 15 minutes: To HCM-Long Thanh-Cau Giay highway 
  • 15 minutes: To Landmark 81 
  • 15 minutes: To district 3
  • 15 minutes: To High Tech Industrial Zone, district 9
  • 20 minutes: To Tan Son Nhat airport. 

B&C real estate agents will be pleased to support you with the most convenient paths to your workplaces or wherever you wish to visit in Ho Chi Minh city. 


3. Exposing the cheap price list for future residents of Empire City apartments for rent 

Although many real estate companies will try to hide the accurate average price list when it comes to finest apartments like these. 

B&C Company is proud to share with customers publicly the rental price for each type of apartment inside this urban area, because we understand our clients have the right to consider their budget before purchasing something crucial like this. 

We want to remind customers that they are looking for a place where they can stay for a long period of time. It’s our responsibility to provide details regarding price, utilities, location and other services for clients to make sure customers feel completely satisfied while working with us.

The cheap overall price list for apartments for rent in Empire City at the moment: 

  1. For 1 bedrooms apartments with 2 conditions: 

1 br (empty): 13.5 million VND (~590$)

1 br (fully furnished): 16.5 million VND (~720$)

  1. For 2 bedrooms apartments with 2 conditions:

2 brs (empty): 18 million VND (~785$)

2 brs (fully furnished): 23.3 million VND (~1,000$)

  1. For 3 bedrooms apartments with 2 conditions: 

3 brs (empty): ~ 28 million VND (~1,220$)

3 brs (fully furnished): ~37 million VND (~1,610$)

  1. For 4 bedrooms apartments:

The price of duplex apartments with 4 bedrooms in Empire City is ~63.0 million VND (~2,740$) + total area: ~203 m2

These are limited apartments so customers will need to contact B&C real estate company through hotline or chat box on the official website for negotiable offers. 

  1. Limited offers by the end of this month: 

1 bedroom: High floor + river view, look out district 1 + full modern furniture: ~16.5 million VND (~720$)

2 bedrooms: Middle floor with pool & river view + full furniture: ~ 25 million VND (~1,090$)

3 bedrooms: High floor + full view of Saigon river and district 1: ~32 million VND (~1,395$)


The company 24/24 hotlines: 09 027 63 027 or 0909 77 64 91. We offer free consultation with details regarding the accurate price list of apartments for rent and for sales in Empire City in Thu Thiem, district 2 + info about services and utilities + residents’ rights and benefits while living here + free house viewing tour at any time. 

You are welcome to visit our website: 


You can leave your questions in the online chat box as well. We are available to receive questions 24/7 and answer with details. 

4. Convenient location and utilities when owning apartments for rent in Empire City

Empire City is one the toughest future competitors to Vinhomes Central Park. The project is trying to offer as many luxurious and free utilities as possible to draw the attention of customers to it.

So, what are the exceptional extra benefits that residents will own after moving into this project?

Empire City urban area, unlike other projects, is aiming to provide a comfortable and relaxing living vibe for residents as if they are living in a 5-star resort in the middle of the bustling city.

The tension you may receive from work + homesick or even feeling alone amongst strangers can really make you feel exhausted mentally and physically. 

In order to comfort you, the urban area has created many activities to bond residents as well as offer many free services for relaxing inside the area.

Free physical training activities:

_ Outdoor swimming pools

_ Gym center 

_ Sport areas for tennis, golf, basketball, volleyball…

_ Riverside Park 

_ Running track


Bonding activities for residents:

_ Community room

_ BBQ sections

_ Meditation areas

_ Highest observatory in Ho Chi Minh city 

_ Free events, sponsored by populate brands yearly

Extra departments for entertainment and personal needs:

_ Shopping malls: Vincom Mega Mall, Cantavil, My Market, Lotte,…

_ 24/24 convenient stores

_ Game Center

_ Various restaurants with diverse cuisine 

_ Coffee & Milk Tea shops 

_ Children’s playground

_ Opera House

_ Cinema

_ Medical department Phuc An Khang 

_ International education centers: TAS, AIS…

_ Five-star hotel & convention center.

There is more about the Empire City apartments for rent in Thu Duc, district 2 that clients will be informed fully through our customer service. We can only list a few high-lights on this article.

5. More about the layout and design of apartments for rent in Empire City project, Ho Chi Minh city 

  1. Apartments with 1 bedroom

Although the price list for 1 bedroom apartments for rent in Empire City may sound overpriced when you first heard about it.

The truth is with B&C Company,  the money you invest always equals the quality you will get. We will give you a brief description on what the apartment may look like:

  1. The interior is untouched and neat (the whole project is only opened for business few months ago so don’t be surprised if you are the first one who own this deluxe living space)
  2. The total area: < 55 m2.
  3. The areas: 
  • The kitchen will be only a few meters away from the front door. There are many compartments for storing canned food or instant noodles. A big in-wall fridge where you can store frozen and fresh food. You will also receive an over and a small trash can basically.
  • The living room will be seperated with the kitchen by a set of dining table and chairs for 4 people.
  • The balcony will mostly have a river view and part of the city view. There will be a small area where you can find a washing machine.
  • The bedroom’s window will surely be your favorite place. The view is nothing different than the one you see from the balcony.
  • The bathroom may be inside the bedroom, however, some apartments will have the bathroom next to the bedroom or near the kitchen.

B. Apartments with 2 bedrooms:

  1. The price list for 2 bedroom apartments for rent in Empire City can be divided into 2 options:
  • 98,4 m2
  • 104,0 m2
  1. The condition of these apartments are brand new and clean. Residents may have to purchase extra appliances such as a water boiler, a small microwave,a blender or cooking tools such as pans, pots…
  2. The areas:
  • The kitchen will be on the left or right when you enter the apartment. It’s a straight kitchen design to save space for you. Fortunately, you can find many cabinets to keep the food and kitchen stuff.
  • The fridge is generous for a family of 4 members to use. Moreover, the dining set includes a table and 4 chairs where family members can gather and have wonderful dinner time together.
  • The living room is a lot wider than 1 br apartments, where there is enough space to store an L-shape sofa. Family members can buy mini couches to decorate the space as well.
  • The master bedroom will include a bathroom inside. The other bedroom will have its bathroom opposite or next to it. 

C. Apartments with 3 bedrooms

Residents will also have 2 options for the price list of 3 bedroom apartments for rent in Empire City. 

  1. The acreage:
  • Regular apartments: ~127.3 m2
  • Extended apartments: ~146 m2
  1. Residents will likely receive an untouched apartment. However, if it is an empty apartment then it will take more time and money to fill the space. You are welcome to ask for support from our real estate agents to get the interior at the cheapest price.
  2. The area;
  • The kitchen is wider for sure, there is an area for you to turn it into a mini bar. What I like about this kitchen is that there is more space to prepare the food. Next to the kitchen, you may find a small space for laundry.
  • The next space is divided into 2 sections. One is for the guest room where family members can gather to enjoy time before the TV and the other one is for dining, where family of 6 members can gather and have meals together.
  • The master bedroom contains the best view from the window and a big bathroom, where you can find a bathtub.
  • The other bathrooms are smaller yet extremely comfortable. The left bathroom will be shared for these two bedrooms and you find it near the bedrooms.
  • The balcony will be a place where you can set up some chairs because this is where you may view the river and the city best. Because mostly, 3 bedroom apartments will be on the high floors, you will definitely have more views to enjoy, especially during festivals such as Tet, where you can see the fireworks clearer.

D. Duplex apartments with 4 bedrooms

Not many duplex apartments for rent in Empire City are still on the market so the exact price list for them is well-hidden. 

In return, the apartment is worth a fortune. It’s comfortable for a family of 8 members and moreover, the interior for completed apartments are luxurious and imported from developed countries such as France, Germany…

  1. The acreage:

The expected: ~203,67 m2 

  1. Duplex apartments contain an entresol which gives you more space to move around. One thing fascinating about it is that family members can actually live inside a house between the clouds. The view is extraordinary and you will never be able to miss the fireworks during special occasions. 
  2. The areas:
  • The entresol: Where you will find 2 regular bedrooms including 2 small bathrooms next to them.
  • The main space is divided for the kitchen, living room, dining area and the balcony. You may find a small store room inside the kitchen for doing laundry and store stuff.
  • The master bedroom and another bedroom with 1 big bathroom which has a bathtub and a standard bathroom will be found in a separate hall near the front door.
  • The dining room is isolated from the living room and the kitchen, the space thanks to that, becomes wider and more comfortable to move around.

There are many more details about the apartments for rent from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms in Empire City. However, we would like to leave it in other articles which will describe deeper about each type of apartment. You are welcome to check the links to the articles below. 

6. Elements to decide a value of the apartments for rent in Empire City, Thu Duc, district 2
  1. The facing direction

According to feng shui, facing direction plays an important role in deciding the stability of finance and other personal aspects in the life of the owners.

An advice to customers who are about to rent apartments: You should always ask the real estate agent about the apartment facing direction.

Moreover, the way you organize your interior will also be really important. Due to eastern culture, stuff that is put in the wrong positions in your apartment will prevent the flow of positive factors of your life such as money, happiness, love…

  1. The interior & design

Empire City consists of various stylish apartments from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms for rent and the aesthetics is always the top priority. Many apartments are spotted to look like works of art. The wall is filled with the perfect mixture of neutral colors which provides a modern yet cozy atmosphere.

Moreover, each apartment will be decorated with high-quality and imported furniture, you will surely have no complaints about the quality but depending on the style, some apartments will be filled with wooden decorations while others are more modern with metal, glass, leather decorations.

Some apartments are also high-lighted with small trees or a small garden outside the balcony which will be perfect for nature lovers. 

  1. The view & the floor

Higher floor comes with a better view, we can ensure the view customers receive will be amazing from balcony to the bedroom. However, some people prefer to live on low floors so it will be more comfortable for them when going out.

Customers are recommended to provide their specific demands to our real estate agents, we will base on that to provide you with the most suitable options.

  1. For empty apartments for rent in Empire City

You will have the chance to decorate the living space yourself. Plus, with the help from interior experts from B&C Company, customers will be able to purchase home appliances and decorations at lower prices.

  1. Other factors 

The rent may be different between apartments that are the same in type because of the total area, the length of renting time, the position of the building, the view…

B&C Real Estate company has in store numerous apartments for you to choose to meet all of your requirements. Moreover, you will be scheduled a day for house visiting with our real estate agents.

7.  B&C Real Estate Company comes with professionalism and honesty 

  1. a) The company’s official website : https://bcreal.net for Vietnamese clients 

                                                  https://bcreal.net/en/ for international clients 

                                                  https://bcreal.net/ko/ for Korean clients

Customers will be able to check out available apartments for rent in Empire City and other popular urban projects such as Vinhomes Central Park, Vinhomes Golden River, Sunwah Pearl, One Verandah…

Each apartment will include real images and extra info about the current condition, the layout, the floor number, the acreage and the rent.

Customers who have demands for better support, are welcome to chat to our customer service through the online chatbox. You will get your answer accurate and in no time.   

  1. b) Depending on your needs, you can contact the following phone numbers :
  • Ms Nana (For Korean + Vietnamese ): 09 027 63 027
  • Mr Tony (For English + Vietnamese): 0909 77 64 91


For urgent cases, you can call these phone numbers or find our real estate agents on texting apps such as kakaotalk, viber, whatsapp, zalo, line,… 

B&C provides free consultation and is willing to support you with our best regarding rental contracts from A to Z and negotiation in case you are not convinced with the rent.

Furthermore, if you encounter any problems or concerns in services but are unable to communicate with the owners or the management team of an urban project, you can contact us directly and we will work on your problems until it is entirely solved.

More incentives and hot offers are available during this time of the year which customers will be exchanged privately. 

If you are planning to develop your career in Ho Chi Minh city in the long-term (more than half of the year )  then choosing us to find an ideal home for you is the best decision. The rent will be softer for customers who wish to stay for more than a year. 

Within only a short amount of time, you will receive a perfect home. With years of experience in catering luxurious apartments for rent in first-class projects as Empire City, B&C can guarantee to provide customers with a cozy living space and healthy environment.

You are encouraged to check out other urban projects inside or near the city center, with various price ranges, we are sure that you can find a home here with B&C Company. 

Thank you for reading this article. Have a lovely day!

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