Details about the project

Project Empire City Thu Thiem apartment for sale in Hcmc district 2 Thu Duc Saigon
  • 12 Tower

  • >3.000 Unit

  • >75 Mil/m2


Maybe y lived in Vietnam for a long time but have you known about this?ou have

Not long ago, we were extremely surprised by the appearance of the Landmark 81 building because of the luxury and convenience it brought, suddenly becoming the tallest building in Vietnam. Then in 2021, we have another surprise that Ho Chi Minh City is implementing a project of great magnitude, a leap forward for the real estate industry, the icon 88 tower Empire City. The project is creating a fever for city residents in particular and in the real estate industry in general. Regarded as the project of the future where all our needs will be addressed, it will be a symbol of Vietnam for many years to come. Why say that?? Today B&C will explain everything to everyone. Due to the demand for living environment, an urban area, luxury and high-class apartments of locals and foreigners are gradually increasing. Grasping the needs of users, Ho Chi Minh City allows the construction of the Empire City project to begin in Thu Thiem District 2. The project was invested and started construction under the management of Keppel (Singapore) as the main investor.


Things to know about Project Empire City Thu Thiem apartment for sale in Hcmc district 2 Thu Duc Saigon ?

It is expected that by 2025, the whole project will be completed. When completed, the total capital will be about 1.2 billion USD. With the Empire City icon, 88 tower will be the tallest building in Vietnam.Total construction area is spacious and The area of green trees that bring to the urban landscape is incredible. Empire City is a high-class complex full of utilities including offices, hotels and 5* luxury apartments.The Empire City project will promise to be the best choice for everyone.

 Where is the Empire city project? Position ?

To be a high-class complex, it is indispensable to have a beautiful location. Empire City owns an expensive location, located at Tran Bach Dang, Thu Thiem, District 2, Ho Chi Minh City right in the heart of District 2. This road also leads to the Dong Tay Highway and Thu Thiem tunnel, the travel time from the This project to the downtown area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City takes only 5 minutes.

– The travel routes in Empire City Thu Thiem are calculated intelligently and easily.

Both convenient for daily life and convenient for commuting, in addition to owning a central location in District 2, it is also surrounded by the Saigon River, which offers a great view for residents who live here.

In terms of feng shui, this is a good land, fresh air… For Saigon people, owning a living space where you can catch the sunrise and sunset is a very difficult thing. But this is quite easy when you settle in this Empire City project.

Utilities that Empire city Thu Duc City Vietnam brings.

We often say that the ones that appear later are the ones that are perfect, better than the ones that come before. The Empire City apartment project is no exception, it always knows how to capture people’s needs, know what people want, solve inadequacies, difficulties, concerns and worries regarding living in apartments. In EMPRICE CITY everything impossible becomes possible.

The landscape is surrounded by the Saigon River but also spends a lot of space to plant trees, the goal is to be able to harmonize between modernity and nature. Technological development must also be proportional to the abundance of nature.

Security here is guaranteed, 100% safe for the residents here. Access is supervised and controlled tightly. Security team is guarding 24/7, strict security system. You can safely trust the Investor of Empire City project.

 – The view that can see the Saigon River and the panoramic view of the lavish city is beyond imagination.

The utility Empire city brings is extremely diverse

Sky swimming pool, spacious park. There is also a gym and sports room. Pitch. There is also an amusement park…


European standard overflow swimming pool

You will enjoy the large 50m long swimming pool area and the 25m small swimming pool which is intelligently designed between the buildings. The pool is designed on high, from this position you can see the full view of the city. You can also rest and relax in this area with sun loungers and chairs to enjoy the full view of the city from above.


Sports facilities

Each luxury apartment complex always has sports services to serve the health needs of residents living here such as gym, tennis court, jogging track… Everything is always fully equipped with whatever you ever want and residents can access whenever they want.


Outdoor BBQ area

A large BBQ area for residents living here. On ideal days, people can hold intimate parties with friends and relatives, enjoy the space and have fun in their own way without worrying about affecting or disturbing others.


Indoor and outdoor play area for kids

This place also has a separate area for children to play comfortably and safely, so that they can meet their friends living in the project. Moreover, parents are completely assured because the common areas of Empire City have 24/24 surveillance cameras. In addition, Empire City also has a large central square up to 600m long, along the length of the square are a chain of 5-star hotel restaurants, clothing shops, cafes, hair salons… creating a bustling commercial area.


Riverside Park

The riverside park is a place for residents to walk, play and enjoy the cool air from nature. Empire City is designed with more than 60% of green space covered, creating a perfect combination between modern living environment and nature, something that other projects have been and are in the completion time but Empire will surely make it come true.


Utilities Outside Empire City Thu Thiem


Empire City is located at plot 2B in Thu Thiem new urban area, district 2, close to Thu Thiem tunnel and adjacent to Mai Chi Tho avenue. It is considered as a project possessing a “golden in gold” position, and only a few projects can compare to it.


Customers will inherit the facilities that Thu Thiem new urban area has, along with the facilities of neighboring areas such as Thao Dien, An Phu, An Khanh with a system of commercial centers, supermarkets, specific schools as follows: Caltavil, Vincom Mega Mell, TAS International School, AIS…


From Empire City, it only takes 5 minutes to Thao Dien area in District 2, 8 minutes to Binh Thanh district, 15 minutes to Phu My Hung area in District 7 and 30 minutes to Tan Son Nhat airport within 3 minutes via Thu Thiem tunnel. With Thu Thiem walking bridge (coming soon), customers can easily visit facilities of District 1 including the city’s largest chain of shopping malls, restaurants, and hotels such as: Vincom Center, Diamond Plaza, Saigon square, Nowzone Fashion , TaKa plaza, Bitexco Tower, … Public works such as Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, Notre Dame Cathedral, Ben Thanh market, city post office, city theater and the banking system, university, hospital hospital…. At the same time, it only takes about the same time as Empire residents will get the facilities of District 4 when Thu Thiem Bridge 3 is completed.


For whom are interest in the price of buying and selling apartments in Empire City Thu Thiem Thu Duc, Saigon, District 2


“B&C brings trust and satisfaction to everyone” “B&C is the absolute ultimate choice for customers”. 


Currently, about the selling price, the research experts have passed the analysis process to come up with a specific number. And the results, B&C have announced and updated on the company’s website. If you have any questions, please call hotline 0902763027 or 0909776491    to have more details about the price of Empire city Thu Thiem Thu Duc Saigon apartment in District 2, please take a tour in our website for better preference!!!!!!


This project offers the opportunity to own a world-class place to live, work, and entertain, and is a secure asset with great growth value in the future.


Empire City Thu Thiem is considered as the most modern and luxurious miniature city that gives people the best living, working, studying and living environment and is a model of the city of the future.


In addition, customers can visit B&C youtube channel to check out freshly updated videos about various types of apartments in Empire City. 


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