Details about the project

Novaland is trusted corporation has been in the construction industry decade with exemplifying creativity of handing over the needs of its long list clientels. Novaworld is reinventing the definition of home catering to the niche of individuals or groups even to the elite taste.  Novaworld has been operating for give and take 30 years with designs that guaranteed customers satisfaction.




Novaland gruop Real estate in VietNam and Back gruond


This is a group is headed by: Mr. Bui Thanh Nhon and Mr. Bui Xuan Huy as a general director of the managing board. The company mission is to deliver homes with all the conveniences for its end users. All projects are being properly handle to suit the idiosyncracy of each customers nitpicking taste. 

In addition Novaworld been eyeing on profitability not just for itself but for its clientele as well. 

That is why our vision is to provide feasible products with the potential of a high (ROI) return of investment for its patrons. We carefully select the finest and most strategic location and be mindful in  considering its future potentiality, disirability and benefits to catch the eyes of its investors. 


This in term will give rise to investors who want to invest wisely and harvesting the fruits with high return also allows you to enjoy the resources created to give good health and pleasure apart from the hustling bustling world.

That is why Novaland created Novaworld to oversee the duty of delivering homes tailor fitted to its customers’ needs.

In 2009 Novaland introduced the first high-end residential complex in district 7 Ho Chi Minh City was just the start,  with many successful projects, Novaland group was catapulted to the official list of HCM City Stocks Exchange with ticket symbol NVL.


Novaworld is a multi-awarded company recieved 16 citations among these are: The Top 10 trusted Real Estate investors in Vietnam, HR Asia best place for work in Asia and Best Luxury Real Estate Developer in Vietnam are just to name a few awards in 2021.


After a long and trustworthy track record, Novaland deciding to move forward and futher to serve its bankable stakeholders. For this Novaworld Phan Thiet became existential. Novaworld Phan Thiet a project that is designed to deliver holistic walefare to its guests and purchasers. As a result, we have come up with a strategic location for coastal residents to relax or retire and suited for all ages.


Novaworld Phan Thiet Project of Novaland Corporation

Novaworld a marine city created to suit its consumers. Beaches with sugar fine sand perfect for strolling and other beach activities.The project is inclusive of over 200 facilities of world class standard. This state of the art wonder will promote various industies such as: tourism for its local, diversified food from international culinary experts, stimulus economic packages, acompany with healthcare institution to sports  and recreational activities. The plan is to bring an aggregate community equipped with a perfect location that bring equilibrium to its end users. Novaworld visualize the importance of a balance living.



Novaworld Phan Thiet visualize the importance of a balance living came up with this integrated coastal project with nine designated location setting, each with a unique design.These nine areas are constructed and developed with high-end complex facilities that will provide convenience for both the locals and guests. Below are the listed nine areas: please refer to the map for better visual viewing.


1. Ocean Residence
2. The Kingdom
3. Festival street
4. Boutique hotel
5. Santa Monica
6. PGA Golf Villas
7. Waikiki
8. Florida
9. Festival

Novaworld Phan Thiet construction site: The project is ongoing with 40% of task completed in this 1000 hectares domain of coastal land stretching up to 7 kms extent. With 9 subdivisions allocated for our valued residents. We will walk you through our splendid subsivisions.


1. Ocean Resident subdivisions of Novaland Phan Thiet


Ocean Resident special area located at the southern most area of the constrution site. On its east side the ocean and on the west is rich with lavish green luscious tree providing fresh air all year round. This community provides functional infastructues such as a central park with a clubhouse for various social or business functions. Walking tracks, parks, cultural and  sport centers, parking spaces, school and hospital. We offer access to other Novaworld  facilities in Phan Thiet too.

The project’s top priority is customers satisfaction ergo our homes are ergonomically designed to maximize space utilization. Ocean Residence offers a variety of units for our clients to choose from.




1. TH1 – Townhouse 1 corner dimension
6 x 22 Sq. M.
Other units dimension 6 x 22 Sq. M.
2. TH2 – Townhouse 2 corner dimension
6 x 20 Sq. M.
Other units dimension 6 x 20 Sq. M.

3. TH3 – Townhouse 3 corner dimension
7.5 x 20 Sq. M.
Other units dimension 5.5 x 20 Sq. M.

4. TH4 – Townhouse 4 corner dimension
Other units dimension 5.5 x 18
7.5 x 18 Sq. M.
SH – Shophouse corner dimeension 9 x 22 Sq. M.  Other units dimension 6 x 22 Sq. M.



Ocean Resident Location


Ocean Resident location is strategically placed in the center of major destinations. Just twenty minutes drive to Phan Thiet Airport, an hour and forty minutes to Ho Chi Minh City via the Dau Giay – Phan Thiet Freeway. The route to the Phan Thiet City Center is just fifteen minutes away giving its residents and easy access for shopping and groceries. A fifty minutes drive to Long Thanh Airport.



Ocean Resident Phan Thiet benefits of Invest Buy-Sell-Rent Opening Sale 


With all these features and facilities Phan Thiet Ocean Residents will get to enjoy a world class experience living in Vietnam. This is a one in a life time offer for health conscious lovers. This is an ideal location for holistic devlopment plus a chance for its residents to earn from these resort property investements. As the rule dictates, real estate appreciate through time. The value of properties are rising everyday. Own a property and get to enjoy all of these wonders of nature and gain value from your investments.

For more information about  buy, sell and invest please click the Ocean Resident to get in touch with us or refer to our.

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