Laimian City apartment complex is a planned project with a very diverse location, although located on the front of Luong Dinh Cua street but at the same time it is located in the two wards in District 2, including An Phu and An Khanh. . Who has lived in the An Phu Apartment and An Khanh Apartment is located on Song Hanh Street in An Phu-An Khanh urban area in District 2. With special advantages, residents here can easily access The necessary utilities such as Metro supermarket, Parkson shopping area, Vincom Mega Mall Thao Dien shopping center are included in the Masteri project. Citimart supermarket, park, Tennis court, gym, … will understand and feel the utility of living here.


Investor: Housing Business and Development Joint Stock Company (HDTC)

Address: Luong Dinh Cua Street, An Phu Ward, District 2

Total area: 131ha

Type of construction: Luxury apartments, townhouses, villas

Raemian Subdivision: The project develops 24 apartment buildings, townhouses, villas divided into 12 functional areas and 3 service facilities.

>>> Zone CT1: Including 7 40-storey apartment towers
>>> Area CT2: Including 6 40-storey apartment towers
>>> Zone CT3,4: Including 7 towers with height from 40 to 45 floors
>>> Area CT5,6: Including 2 apartment towers of 34 & 35 floors
>>> Area CT7.8: Including 2 34 & 38 storey apartment towers
>>> Area CT9, CT10, CT11 & CT12: Block of town houses, villas
>>> Area A, Area B, Area C: Service development, inter-school, shophouse

Number of apartments: 13,092 units

Area: 49 – 135m2 (1 – 3BRs)

Design company: Han – Guk (Korea)

Monitoring unit: Apave (France)

Management unit: Savista


+ Long-term ownership (Vietnam)
+ 50 years possession (foreigners)

Specific directions of the armor project:
– Luong Dinh Cua Street to the south
– Hanoi Highway to the North
– Road separating Zone A – B to the East (This is a road developed in accordance with the approved expansion plan of Eastern City, with a total area of ​​up to 850ha).
– Tran Nao and Zone C of Planning Area 850ha to the West.

Regional links at Laimian City project:

Because of adjacent many arterial roads of the city, located in the highly developed transportation infrastructure area of ​​the East, Raemian City has very convenient regional links:

– 5 minutes from Hanoi Highway to Binh Thanh District, Phu Nhuan District, District 3 … or back to Thu Duc District.
– 10 minutes to District 1 by Mai Chi Tho – Thu Thiem Tunnel or from Hanoi Highway via Nguyen Huu Canh.
– Adjoining Metro, convenient to move to any location by public transport …

In addition, the Laimian City apartment project is also favorable for traffic because of the proximity to Long Thanh Dau Giay Expressway and Song Hanh routes …


1. About HDTC Investor

This is a company with 100% state capital, formerly the “Management Board of housing” under the Department of Land and Public Works.

The growth of the company is associated with investment projects to develop residential areas, urban areas, real estate business investment, design consultancy and construction works. Currently, HDTC has a certain position in the real estate market in Ho Chi Minh, especially in the field of investment and real estate business. HDTC’s future plan will also invest in many large-scale and high-value projects across the country.

With the financial strength to deploy high-class and large projects such as Raemian City. Not only that, as a company with 100% state capital, the prestige of HDTC is guaranteed, meaning that the quality of Laimian Galaxy City District 2 is also most assuredly committed.

Outstanding projects of HDTC:

  • HDTC building project
  • An Suong apartment building
  • Dong Thuan Building 1, 2
  • An Phu apartment building
  • Residential area in Long Toan Ward, Ba Ria – Vung Tau

2. Regarding the general contractor of Delta:

Established in 1993, the company is currently the leading professional construction company in Vietnam. The Delta projects received are large-scale projects, requiring high aesthetics and quality. During the operation, this contractor has constructed many famous works across the country. The most special feature is Delta show, which is intensive in foundation construction and deep basement.

The two units of reputation, long experience and superior prestige gathered in one relationship, too obvious to confirm the outstanding quality of Laimian City District 2.

In addition to prestigious investors and reputable general contractors, Laimian City apartment projects are also guaranteed in part thanks to a system of branded and capable project development partners globally. Specifically:

Featured projects:

Industrial works: The Vissai Ninh Binh Cement Plant, Thai Binh 2 Thermal Power Plant, Dinh Co Gas Processing Plant, …
Civil Works: QMS Tower, Vinschool Times City, The Golden Pakm, Sunrise Riverside, Detech Tower, Royal City, Vinpearl Phu Quoc,

3. Han-guk Architects & Enginneers – Laimain city Q2 project design unit

Laimian City Project District 2 is designed in a modern style, with a large population, many advanced facilities. The project was designed by Han-guk Architects & Enginneers Group. This is a leading architectural group with prestige and history over 30 years of operation, headquartered in Korea. This confirms the class, quality as well as the aesthetic level of the product.

4. Apave – Project Supervisor Laimian city Q2

Apave is the supervising unit of the Laimian City project. Apave is a leading company of the Republic of France specializing in technical inspection, management consulting, training and risk control. Therefore, the project ensures absolute safety for residents living here.

5. Savista – Project management unit of Laimain city Q2

Savista – one of the largest and most prestigious project management units in Vietnam with professional working style and years of experience in managing and developing high-end real estate projects. As a result, residents of Laimian City will enjoy all good and class services without having to travel far.

It is noticeable that the prestigious units, together with their long-term experience and outstanding prestige gathered together, is a clear characteristic to affirm the outstanding quality of Laimian Galaxy City An Phu home. city.

The project has an open and private floor space, soundproofing between apartments with load-bearing walls or corridors, creating maximum privacy for each family. At the same time, the project has 2 emergency exits, along with a clear corridor to welcome fresh wind and natural light at all times of the day.

The semi-open-plan layout with charming views and amenities for urban life is always the design criteria in Raemian Galaxy, along with the green space around the towers of the building, creating a settled place. worth living in East Saigon.




Currently, the investor has not announced the official selling price of the project, however, predicting the price of Laimian City apartments will be very suitable and meet the payment needs of the market.

Prices between Laimian city apartments will be different based on space, number of floors, area, visibility, direction and floor position ….

In particular, customers who buy apartments at Laimain city will be supported with attractive financial packages from the bank, with the loan amount for buying Laimian City apartments up to 70% of the value of the apartment, term long-term payment for 20 years, low interest rates on deferred payments, customers are assured of the initial funding. In addition, it is likely that the project will be guaranteed by 2 large banks Maritime Bank and Agribank.

Expected payment policy in Laimian City:

  • Project deposit: VND 100 million;
  • First payment: 10% (After 30 days from the date of deposit);
  • Second payment: 10% (After 60 days from the first session);
  • Third payment: 10% (After 90 days, from the second phase), sign the PPA;
  • 4th payment: 10% (After 90 days from the 3rd installment);
  • The 5 th payment: 10% (After 90 days, since the 4th installment);
  • Payment of installment 6: 10% (After 90 days from the 5th installment);
  • 7th payment: 10% (After 90 days from the 6th payment);
  • 8% payment: 10% (After 90 days from the 7th installment);
  • Payment of installment 9: 10% (After 90 days from the 8th installment);
  • Payment of installment 10: 5% (After 90 days from the 9th payment); house receipt; until you receive the PINK BOOK, pay the remaining 5%.

At present, the 131 ha site is still in the process of constructing the foundation, some clusters are conducting geological exploration. In the first phase of the project, the investor built before two clusters CT03 and CT04. Reportedly, the building block of Laimian City District 2 is expected to be completed and handed over to residents in the fourth quarter of 2019 (CT3, CT4 clusters), the overall project will be completed within 8 years from now. to 2025.
Inside the current construction site, there are many machines, equipment for project construction and the workforce of contractor Delta is working hard. It is expected that in the first phase, the project will launch nearly 500 luxury apartments with exquisite design to create a harmonious difference..