According to the survey, District 2 (Ho Chi Minh City) is about to launch the d’Lusso project with a position of “rare goods” located along the river by Minh Thong Real Estate Business Co. Ltd. (a member of Dien Phuc Company). Thanh) as an investor. At the right time the supply of apartments in Ho Chi Minh City is scarce, so despite the Tet Lunar New Year, this “super product” still receives great attention from customers.

Riverside real estate does not “cool down” despite high prices

In Ho Chi Minh City, there must be more or less than 30 completed apartment building projects located along the banks of the river with direct view of the unshielded river. Most of these projects have liquidity and vitality from the time they are announced to the market until they are put into use.

Moreover, apartment projects or townhouses have the advantage of riverside or river view always in the top of high prices, rising rapidly. Riverfront real estate recorded an increase of 30-50%, higher than the average increase of only about 20-25% in the last 3 years.

To own an apartment with a river view, customers have to pay a higher price of 10 million to a few tens of million dong / m2 than the internal view apartment. For example, some apartment projects along the banks of Ben Nghe River have the current selling price of about 50-90 million / m2. District 1, a series of luxury riverside projects cost up to VND 180-220 million / m2. In district 2, apartments developed near the river have the lowest secondary price from 70-90 million / m2, even riverside apartments cost up to 95-120 million / m2.


Despite the sky-high prices, riverside real estate is still sought by buyers.

Real estate experts say that the rich often “don’t care about the price when buying a house”, so they are still willing to spend large amounts of money to own limited apartments: limited quantity, river view. beautiful, impressive design … However, the number of apartments that meet these requirements is currently counted on the fingers only.

Therefore, condominium or townhouse projects have the advantage of river or river view such as d’Lusso always have high prices but are always sought by investors due to good liquidity and huge rental potential.

“Good deal” to invest in renting

According to Mr. Nguyen Van Dinh, Chairman of Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association, the apartment segment will still be the main product of Vietnam real estate market in 2020. The reason is in big cities like Hanoi. or Ho Chi Minh City, land fund for housing development is not much, but the population is increasing. Therefore, these two cities must give priority to the development of apartments, taking advantage of not much land to develop high-rise buildings.


Apartments are still an attractive investment channel for investors, especially for leasing.

In fact, not only the buyers to settle down, but the tenants are also psychologically looking for riverside apartments or river views. Mr. Nguyen Quoc Quang (living in Binh Thanh) shared: “Buying a coastal house is an Asian conception, the river direction always brings prosperity and fortune to the homeowner. The river view apartment helps to catch the wind and air. “Fresh, good for health. As an investor, having owned apartments along the Saigon River such as Vinhomes Central Park or Saigon Pearl, I assert the rental price is always increasing year by year but never without tenants.”

However, the river bank is increasingly scarce, so only large and powerful investors can develop worthy riverside projects. According to the study, the d’Lusso riverside apartment area has an area of ​​1.15ha, including 2 blocks A and B apartments with 22 floors, 1 basement with connected parking. In total, there are 461 apartments (74 Duokey 2-3PN units, 375 apartments 1-2PN units, 12 penthouses) and 13 serviced apartments. Compared to other projects in the same area, d’Lusso is one of the few luxury apartments with various green lifestyle utilities, and has a competitive price with similar products in the same segment.


High-end facilities of d’Lusso are taken care of in a resort style in the heart of the city

“In addition to the riverside advantage, d’Lusso also receives high attention from customers who buy houses for rent because the project is located on the busy Nguyen Thi Dinh route, adjacent to Mai Chi Tho Avenue – An Phu intersection. , convenient to move to financial center District 1 ”, representative of the project development unit Rioland shared.

Rioland also said that investment in leasing is still very potential, with the profit rate from the apartment rental market in Ho Chi Minh City is always at 7-8%, the highest in the country and in the top. of the area. In particular, District 2 is currently a “bright spot” with synchronous and modern infrastructure, more and more large projects are landing, designs with own colors and international standard utilities.